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2018 Clowns VS. Zombies Schedule & Rules

7:00 – Gates
9:30 – General’s Meeting
10:00 – Game on
11:00 – First Mission Block
12:00 – Second Mission Block
1:00 – Third Mission Block
2:00 – Fourth Mission Block
3:00 – Final Mission Block
4:00 – Reload and Staging
4:30 – Final Battle – Details Announced Day Of
6:00 – Awards Ceremony and Giveaways


1. Limited to three per side
2. Must be standard riot shield size aka 20″ by 36″
3. One shield per player 3 max on field at a time
4. Must look like a shield, no grabbing trash can lids or anything else
5. Only a pistol/pump/mech marker may be used with a shield
How To Eliminate A Shield Player
1. Hit any area on player including their marker with a paintball
2. Law Rocket that hits shield or lands within five feet of shield player
Additional Comments
1. If you dont like the idea of being shot at by law rockets dont use or be near a shield player
2. If more than three shields are found being used on the field at one time that team will lose their shields for the duration of the event and be assessed a point penalty
3. If any unforeseen problems arise with shield players, event staff can and will remove all shields from the field of play for the duration of the event

  1. Shields are personal property of player carrying it. If eliminated shield leaves with eliminated player.General Rules
    1. There is no mandatory surrender rule – use your descretion, and listen to the refs!
    2. DO NOT BARREL TAG – no physical contact of any kind for any reason.
    3. Do not shoot at any spawn entrance or safe zone.
    4. Do not advance past safe zone lines around both teams’ respawn – listen to the refs!
    v. If a spawn base is under control (direct, close proximity attack) by the opposing team for 5 minutes, the aggressive team will have to re-spawn at their base and will be awarded 50 pts.
    5. Players are not allowed to be within 20ft of any tank – friendly or enemy.
    6. Tank will be escorted by referee and tank is destructable with a rocket launcher.
    7. Rocket Launcher are not to be fired at players, and have no effect on the game other than against tanks.


General Rules

Player Arm Band Tape Is MANDATORY


Insertions Are:  Constant!  Return to your sides designated Dead Box, Tag Up, Wipe Your old hits off and your back in the game!


Special Rules

Transport Choppers

Each side will have a limited number of transport choppers at their disposal.  Transport choppers may not be shot at or shot from until the pilot takes a knee, at that point all persons are live and may fire and be fired at.  Flights have a 10 minute flight time and carry a max of 15 players hand on shoulder, if you let go, you are eliminated.  Transport choppers will be denoted by lead player carrying a large flag on a pole that states “Transport Chopper”  under no circumstances will “fake” choppers be allowed or legal.



Medics must wear white arm band tape and carry a pen and supplies card in order to heal a hit player.  All hits from the neck and above are automatic eliminations (no medic heals)  Medics must reach player calling for a medic, if at any time the neutral player calling a medic moves they are eliminated


Medics have 1-2 minutes to reach hit player, wipe the hit and write their player card number down on their supply card, failure to do this process will result in losing medic privileges for your whole side


Players making a proper medic card must yell “MEDIC” and wait in their current location, failure to do so wil result in ref staff calling you out as eliminated



Each side will possess a very small amount of sniper shots.  Eye of sight, call a ref over and point to which player you want to eliminate.  Very limited resource!


Points will be awarded throughout this game for;
1.  Completing missions

  1. Collecting props and turning into game promoter as you find them
  2. Success at final battleMission Rewards and Raffle
    i. Every player will receive 1 raffle ticket for registering.
    ii. Any player in, or touching, an objective base at the end of a mission will receive one raffle ticket – PARTICIPATE IN THE MISSIONS!
    iii. You must be present at the end of day to win the raffle.



Event staff reserve the right to change, omit, or alter rules at any time at their discretion to provide the best playing experience.


NEW For 2018,2019, & 2020!! We proudly present DEFCON!!!  The game play is going to be intense!  Adding elements into the scenario world that have yet to be done!  The only way to make sure you see it all is to be there!!!

Bringing you the sport of scenario paintball with a passion!

NEW VENUE FOR 2018!!!  We are excited to be working with Pekin Paintball Park in Illinois!

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